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We quickly decode a well-designed icon, but how can we design or select the most effective one for a particular purpose? This article answers that question and questions you didn’t know you had.

A few months ago I exchanged books with someone who is also very interested in brain science. In fact, she calls herself  ‘the brain lady.’ Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D, recently wrote Neuro Web Design: What makes them click, which should be of interest to those involved in web strategy and design and really, to anyone interested […]

new meaning of photos

“If memory is the way people keep telling themselves their stories, then photographs are one of the ways people keep those stories alive.” — Maryanne Garry and Matthew P. Gerrie A seismic shift in both camera technology and cultural rituals has changed the conventional meaning of the personal photograph. Back in the days of analog […]

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A caricature is defined as a portrait that exaggerates the essence of a person to create an easily identifiable visual likeness. The question is, why do we quickly recognize a well-drawn caricature of a famous person, even though it is clearly not accurate?

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“If I get an email with words highlighted in red, I can’t see them.” “I couldn’t spot an orange laying in my lawn.” These are comments made by people with partial color blindness, the most common form of color vision deficiency.


One odd thing about our visual functioning is how the world around us seems stationary even though our eyes dart back and forth several times a second in order to see.