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Graphic Analysis

Post image for Communicating with Animated Infographics

It’s not surprising that the wildly popular infographic genre is producing a surge in animated infographics. As hypnotizing as moving pictures are, it’s good to step back and analyze the medium so we can understand the most effective approaches for communicating through it.

Here is a perfect example of a visual communication by the New York Times that shows the superiority of images over words. Within seconds, a reader can grasp where the flight cancellations are occurring due to the ash cloud from Iceland. Rather than reading an article or searching through a list, we can get the […]

Post image for Designing Symbols

Designer: Nathaniel Hamon, Slang International Symbols represent an object or idea and are understood through convention, association or resemblance. Designing symbols that are effective is not easy. Symbols must be recognized quickly and the more enticing symbols will also embody emotions and feelings.

complex graphics

You get the sense that this information graphic from TechFlash is not just mapping out the current state of the digital book universe, but is an expression of the frenetic energy of the industry.

Post image for Smooth Movement

Designer: Richard Palmer, Richard Palmer Graphics. This graphic works from the moment the viewer’s eyes land on the Start Arrow in the upper left—a common place for the eyes to land.