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Visual Design

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Getting viewers to attend to your graphic is always a design goal. At initial glance, people typically pay greater attention to objects that are associated with something threatening or rewarding rather than graphics that are neutral.

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Keeping an auto in good shape takes a great deal of routine maintenance and cleaning. While most individuals concentrate on the appearance of their car or what’s under the hood, you can not overlook the car’s interior if you wish to maximize its value and lifespan. An automobile’s interior quickly collects dirt, debris, oils, and […]

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A previous post noted that people pay attention to things that are threatening or rewarding. This implies that emotion drives attention.

heat map

A new tool for in-page analytics is being released, called Attention Wizard. According to its promoters, Attention Wizard PREDICTS the path that a person’s eyes would take around a web page before the page is viewed by humans.