The Functional ArtWhen you read The Functional Art by Alberto Cairo, it feels like you’re getting personal lessons on how to create infographics and data visualizations.

Alberto Cairo has a storied career teaching university information graphic courses as well as leading the Interactive Infographics Department at El Mundo in Spain Read more…

visual language of dashed lines

The dashed line is exquisitely rich with information. A line formed from a continuous series of dashes is diminished in strength when compared to a solid line, yet in terms of visual language, it is just as powerful. The weakness of the dashed line is it’s strength. Read more…

Communicating Critical Visual Information: Hurricane Irene

August 26, 2011
communicating critical visual information

When disseminating critical information during times of crisis or danger, it is crucial to use the best visual communication practices possible. The importance of this concept is evident when comparing how two publishers visually represented key weather information regarding Hurricane Irene in the US.

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The Visual Language Of Schematic Faces

April 26, 2011
visual language of facial expressions

Like many people, I’ve always had an aesthetic aversion to the yellow smiley face. Not only did I find it visually unappealing, but due to overuse I thought of the smiley as a trite visual cliché. But that was the old me.

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Infoposters Are Not Infographics: A Comparison

February 25, 2011
infoposters are not infographics

It’s time for visual geeks to band together and take a stand. People are incorrectly using the term infographics all over the web and I think we need to put a stop to this practice. Don’t they understand the emotional upheaval we experience upon clicking an infographic link with great expectations only to discover it’s […]

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Communicating with Animated Infographics

December 31, 2010
Thumbnail image for Communicating with Animated Infographics

It’s not surprising that the wildly popular infographic genre is producing a surge in animated infographics. As hypnotizing as moving pictures are, it’s good to step back and analyze the medium so we can understand the most effective approaches for communicating through it.

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